The Raymond Fenton Youth and Community Centre, South Cerney, Gloucestershire

From aesthetic versatility to low energy, low maintenance performance, VELFAC glazing delivers a range of benefits at the Raymond Fenton Youth and Community Centre (Fenton’s), an innovative addition to a high-end housing development from Redrow Homes.

The Raymond Fenton Youth and Community Centre

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The ideal fit for a CLT construction

VELFAC glazing is installed in vertical strips, clerestory windows and fully glazed doors, with units also combined to create a full height screen which wraps around the corner of the building. ‘Fundamentally, we wanted windows which would sit happily within a CLT construction,’ says Joe Edgard, Associate at architects White Design. ‘The composite VELFAC system is an ideal fit, with the inner timber frame, simply varnished, complementing internal CLT walls and glulam beams. We also wanted to combine traditional and modern building materials, and the external VELFAC aluminium frames, in dark grey, add a crisp finish to timber and Cotswold stone façades, especially at the corner of the glazed screen.’

Balancing insulation and ventilation

Having already specified VELFAC for earlier projects, Joe knew that VELFAC could deliver a range of other benefits: ‘Fenton’s is in a fairly open location, surrounded by flower meadows and man-made lakes, so good insulation is essential – but this had to be balanced by a ventilation strategy tailored to different spaces, including a community hall and café. As the hall is used by a range of different groups we opted for fixed window units and rooftop windcatchers, so that ventilation control was not an issue. In the café, we could specify a mix of fixed and manually opening motorised VELFAC units, operated by the café staff. All these units also retain identical sightlines - a real aesthetic advantage of the VELFAC system, as alternative motorised windows often have much larger frames.’

Meeting security benchmarks

Joe could meet insulation, ventilation and security benchmarks with standard double-glazed VELFAC units, specifying toughened glass for lower windows and solar coatings to manage solar gain. Fenton’s was formally opened in early 2017; ahead of the launch, Facilities Manager Rhian Gardiner commented: ‘The centre is going to be a great asset to the village ... the new building is environmentally low impact and a beautiful space.’


Sector: Community and leisure

Architect: White Design

Client: South Cerney Parish Council (funded by Redrow Homes)

Specified for:

  • Composite frames
  • Ventilation options
  • Identical sightlines
  • Design versatility
  • Excellent thermal insulation