Centre for Window & Cladding Technology

VELFAC units have passed CWCT test results sequence A+B and can satisfy Chapter 6.9 of the NHBC Standards.

This means that the VELFAC system can withstand even those climatic conditions defined by NHBC as ‘very severe’ in terms of air, wind and water resistance.

CWCT test

Why is CWCT testing important?
Façade failure is the most common cause of failure on a new build (source:
CWCT). CWCT testing, combined with good design and installation, will give
ultimate reassurance that a product will deliver the performance levels expected.
CWCT uses various testing methods, which determine the level of serviceability
of a window, façade or cladding system when subjected to various levels
of water, air and solid object impact.

The tests include:

  • Test pressure requirements based on design and wind load
  • Wind: serviceability, safety
  • Air leakage
  • Impact
  • Water: static, dynamic

VELFAC not only delivers energy efficient, architecturally stunning curtain walling – but also guarantees levels of NHBC compliant performance.