Burglar-resistant windows and doors

Tall building with tall burglar-resistant windows and burglar-resistant doors also allow light to come out at night

Added safety means added value

VELFAC windows, entry doors and casement doors can resist damage inflicted by burglars using common tools such as crowbars, and withstand more serious attempt to buckle or deform entry or glazed doors. VELFAC burglar-resistant security features include:

  • an internal glazing bead – this means glass can only be fitted into the frame from the inside, eliminating a key external weak point
  • six-point locking system on hinged glazed external doors
  • a wide range of approved hardware and accessories
  • external aluminium framing to add additional durability.

And VELFAC delivers Part Q and SBD compliance without compromising its signature, contemporary slim frame design to ensure uniform sightlines across a property, enhanced architectural design inside and out, and a range of additional high-performance benefits including:

  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, with U-values as low as 0.8W/m2k
  • durable, low maintenance external aluminium frame
  • warm inner pine frame
  • low maintenance, cost-effective performance.