CWCT compliant windows and casement doors

Built to withstand extreme conditions without compromising style or performance.

When it comes to window walls there are good reasons to specify a system that has been independently tested and accredited to the specific requirements of The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).

CWCT approval is often demanded by third party insurers such as the NHBC, LABC and Premier, and is only awarded after windows and casement doors successfully pass a number of demanding physical tests designed to ensure that products are well designed and robust, and can guarantee specific levels of structural performance required for final sign off.

Testing VELFAC units to CWCT standards

To gain CWCT approval, a large VELFAC window wall (6.2m x 10m) undertook eight demanding tests. The wall comprised eight complete window units featuring 20 individual sashes, six large opening units and five panels.

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Why specify VELFAC CWCT compliant windows?

  • Choice – VELFAC 200 ENERGY windows and casement doors have passed eight demanding CWCT test sessions.

  • Versatility - windows and casement doors used in window walling aesthetically match standard windows, so that punched openings and screens maintain the same sightlines. Window screens formed of coupled VELFAC units are also CWCT compliant.

  • No need to compromise on façade design, function or combination - thanks to its innovative frame and seal design, the VELFAC system achieves CWCT compliance without requiring any modification to its frame. Fixed and opening units can be combined.

  • De-risk your project – meet the demands of leading third party insurers right from the start of your project – no need for expensive remedial work post-installation in order to achieve CWCT compliance, required for final sign off.

  • Reassurance – your clients, potential buyers and future building users know that the products installed meet the most demanding standards.

  • A cost-effective option – CWCT compliance can be achieved with standard VELFAC units.

  • Expert support and guidance – the VELFAC system is backed by expert in-house consultancy, designed to help you successfully navigate building standards and compliance issues, saving time and budget across the build.



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