Windows from Velfac in Northern European wood gives a natural design

We use North European wood in our products. The wood is part of the frame and it constitutes 20.2 percent of the VELFAC 200-series. Wood is a renewable resource to be reused again and again, thereby taking care of our environment. It can be recycled to produce new window frames, furniture, wooden boards and chipboards, etc.

For recycling into wooden boards and chipboards, any hinges, screws, etc. are removed, and then the wood is crushed, sieved and milled into smaller pieces. Besides being suitable for recycling, wood can be used as CO2-neutral fuel. Energy is extracted from the wood when it is burned.

FSC-certified wood
At VELFAC, we used FSC-certified wood in our products. We can therefore guarantee that the wood used in our production comes from sustainably cultivated forests. Read more about FSC-certification (link to tab on FSC-certification, p. 9)

CO2-neutral building materials
Compared to other commonly used building materials, wood is less energy-intensive to produce. Trees grow using the natural forest resources, i.e. CO2, solar energy, water and minerals.

Wood is a CO2-neutral resource. Therefore, there is a balance between the amount of CO2 that the tree takes up while it is growing and the amount that it releases in connection with its disposal. Using photosynthesis, trees produce the oxygen that we humans breathe in every day. At the same time, it removes some of the CO2 in the air, which would otherwise contribute to the greenhouse effect. This is due to the fact that trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon before they are cut down and again when they are processed as, for example, building materials.