Modstandsdygtige ruder til dine vinduer fra Velfac

Glass is used for windowpanes and constitutes 62.2 percent of a VELFAC 200-product. Glass is made from the abundant and easily available raw materials sand, lime and soda. These are heated up to a minimum of 1,500oC, and they are then formed and cooled down slowly. 

Almost non-degradable
Glass is very resistant to external impacts, such as chemicals, bacteria, etc. Glass has a very long life, making it highly suitable for recycling. Recycling glass requires about seven times less energy than the production of new glass. Therefore, recycling of glass is very important in order to minimise CO2 emissions from the construction industry.

In Denmark, most glass products are collected and recycled after use. For example, glass can be reused for windows after being remelted into new glass products. Sometimes, glass is crushed and used as insulating glass wool in buildings.  

Natural inert gas
Standard VELFAC windows are double glazed, highly insulating windows with the non-toxic inert gas argon in the cavity between the panes. Thanks to the excellent insulating properties of the gas, we can reduce the heat loss of our windows. Argon is obtained from the atmosphere and it is nature's most common inert gas Argon constitutes 0.1 percent of a VELFAC 200-window.