"We are daylight engineers"

VELFAC is the UK’s leading brand of composite windows and doors, specified for the system’s slim and uniform frames, contemporary style and exceptional thermal performance.

VELFAC was created in 1961 by Villum Kann Rasmussen, but the story of our windows starts back in 1941, when he launched a new vertical window that could bring fresh air and daylight in everybody’s houses. The name of his vertical window was VELUX.

VELFAC is a brand owned by DOVISTA UK – itself part of VKR Holding - a worldwide group of companies who supply high quality windows and doors which bring daylight, fresh air and a better indoor climate into people’s everyday life.


Welcome to our Window Village

Take a tour around the VELFAC Window Village and see where we design, test and manufacture the VELFAC 200 composite window. Find out how sustainably sourced raw materials are turned into a design classic, and how our cutting edge facilities ensure the safety, productivity, and innovation of our talented team.



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