VELFAC Bi-fold door

If you want to make more of your outside space, enhance a fabulous view or simply maximize natural light, the VELFAC bi-folding door provides a beautiful and flexible solution.

Open bi-fold door and family barbecue on terrace

Folding doors are the perfect choice to complement both traditional and modern house design

The VELFAC bi-fold door is one of the slimmest folding doors on the market. The folding door can be either double or triple-glazed, with a variety of glass options available. The door includes a wealth of features designed to improve insulation, protect your home from the elements, and ensure high-level security.

These include a specially designed rebated track, triple gaskets between the folding panes (which also protect fingers), mushroom locks, shootbolt rods and locking hinge pins, and double rebated frames, to prevent glass removal from outside.

Choose VELFAC bi-folding door to bring the outside into your home, while the door itself – open or closed – also makes an impressive architectural statement.

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