Deliveries & packing

In order to ensure that your delivery arrives as planned, please consider the following:

  • Is it possible for a 13.6m lorry to reach the desired address, or will you need a smaller delivery vehicle?
  • Do you have a designated area where the lorry can be off-loaded?
  • How will you off-load the lorry?
  • Do you have a forklift on site, or will you require a lorry with tail-lift or a HIAB crane? 


Units are always packed on the pallet with the weight distributed evenly. This is to provide an even pressure on the pallet ensuring that the pallet will not lean when being lifted.

  • MDF and/or wooden slats are used to brace the windows.
  • Edge protection is provided for the outermost units, and transparent protective corners are mounted on all units on the pallet in order to prevent friction damage during transit.
  • Pallets are wrapped in a clear protective film, wrapped from the base upwards to prevent the ingress of moisture.
  • A double layer of film covers the top of the pallet: this layer protects against dust only, it is not intended to be fully waterproof.