Replacement windows

Are you looking to buy new window units? If so VELFAC offers a range of replacement windows that will complement the interior and exterior of your property. They’re designed to suit both traditional and contemporary buildings and can be tailor made to suit your wants, tastes and needs.

We understand that every property is different, which is why we provide everything from quality replacement windows with one, two or three sashes to single patio units with one glazing bar. All the windows we supply have been accredited to meet several national and European standards and are made from several materials to ensure they’re as durable as possible.

The economically sourced wood from northern-Europe provides a strong outer frame, while the aluminium sash guards against wind and rain – giving each unit a shelf life of around forty years. Our specially-crafted VELFAC quality windows also provide wonderful views of the great outdoors and the thin frames let in as much natural light as possible – helping to improve the energy-efficiency of your workplace or home.

The unique composite structure of our products means they require little to no maintenance – making them a great investment. If you’re not sure what type of VELFAC replacement windows you need, you can even use our VELFAC Designer to get a realistic idea of how your new windows will look.

VELFAC aluminium / timber windows are virtually maintenance free, and have an expected lifetime of up to 50 years.