Test information

Hundreds and thousands of customers test VELFAC windows every day. Throughout Europe, millions of windows have stood the test of time, but despite this track record, we still maintain a demanding testing programme to ensure our system continues to meet - and exceed - all necessary regulatory standards.

You can download a summary of the most recent tests from the Product information page.

VELFAC windows have been tested by Europe's most rigorous standards agencies, which have analysed all aspects of window design and performance. The VELFAC system has received approval from:

  • Chiltern Dynamics and BM Trada, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
  • Vinci Technology, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  • CWCT, University of Bath, United Kingdom
  • SP Technical Research Institue of Sweden, Boraas, Sweden
  • Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus, Denmark (DTI)
  • DELTA, Aarhus, Denmark

In many cases we test special requirements for the qualities of our windows - child safety, fire safety and noise reduction are some of the areas we have tested.

Note: Individual test results refer to specific types and size of window - please refer to the individual test reports.

DOP - Test results of CE marking and declaration of performance

From 1st February 2010, all windows and doors must be CE marked in order to be sold in an EU country. Since 1 July 2013 CE marking must be accompanied by a declaration of performance. 

Below are listed the test results and declaration of performance of our product range. Windows and doors are tested according to EN 14351-1, the applicable standard for CE marking.

Note that it is always the test result as indicated in the offer / delivery confirmation that it is valid.