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VELFAC 200 DGU - Tophung reversible window


The sash can be rotated by up to 170° to allow cleaning from the inside.
The window can be reversed to the cleaning position where an automatic catch keeps the window in place.
Available as 24mm double glazing.


The espagnolette has a built-in ventilation position (5mm).
A safety restrictor is triggered when the window is opened approx. 50mm.
The cleaning catch is activated automatically when the sash is turned to the cleaning position.
Sashes higher than 885mm have a safety bar which clicks onto the sash for greater stability.
Friction brakes are installed to dampen opening speed.
The reversible hinge is steel or aluminium with a grey zinc aluminium surface treatment.
V200 alu windows where H>1500mm and V200i windows where H>1400mm have additional circular catch handles to ensure wind and water tightness.


Due to the oversail, when the window is in the cleaning position, installation has to be a maximum of 100mm set back from the facade.
The same frame cannot combined with shaped windows and sidehung elements with the hinge side against the reversible window.


Min./max. sizes and calculation of free opening rules


How to clean your reversible window from the inside - video