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VELFAC 200 DGU - Glass to glass corner window


Can be used where an external view is required without disruption caused by corner posts.
The window allows maximum light to enter and can be used as an architectural feature.
Available as 24mm double glazing.


Glass corner is 90°.
The glazing unit is made by 6mm glass 6-12-6 or equivalent, e.g. 3/0.38/3.
In triple glazing units, the middle pane can have another dimension.
There are limitations in the combination of coatings and glass types.
Not available with mullions and glazing bars.

All fittings are made of steel with a grey, corrosion-proff zinc-aluminium finish.


Glass to glass corners can not be stacked, as the window may not support the building structure.

There is an increased risk of condensation on Glass to glass corner windows when the external temperature is low.


Min./max. sizes