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VELFAC 200 ENERGY - Sliding casement door with 25mm threshold, 1-leaf


The sliding casement door provides up to 1.2m free opening.
When properly fitted and adjusted, the door might be opened by one hand.
The sash profile of the door matches that of the VELFAC 200 window series.
When opened, the master door moves outwards from the frame, and then slides across the adjacent fixed sash - 117-127mm out.
Available as 48mm triple glazing.


Egress doors – Fitted with an internal handle only.
2 espagnolettes with a built-in ventilation position (5mm).
25mm HELO® threshold with aluminium tread plate.
Coverplate for the sliding truck, which will be delivered in the same colour as the glazing beads (white, grey or black).
All hardware is made of anodized aluminium or coated zinc or steel.

Alternative fittings

If required, a ramp for the internal side is available.


When ordering and installing the sliding casement door with 25mm threshold:
Sidelights should be ordered with the corresponding 25mm threshold as the sliding casement door to achieve sash alignment at both top and bottom.


Min./max. sizes and calculation of free opening rules


See how to operate the sliding casement door - video


BE AWARE - specific threshold support and installation - see VIDEO