Correct storage

Improper storage that results in elements being exposed to moisture for any period, may damage the surface of the wood components. Therefore, window and door elements must be protected properly against moisture (rain and snow), direct sunlight, dust, and other molestation.

To preserve the VELFAC Product Warranty the following storage instructions must be observed:

  • Indoor storage on a level standing is recommended.
  • If stored outside, the window and door elements must be placed on a firmand level standing and the top and sides of the pallets must be coveredby non-transparent, waterproof material properly secured against badweather conditions.
  • There must be sufficient clearance under the pallet to provide free air circulation. Please note that the factory packaging is intended to protect the elements during transportation from the factory to the building site only.

Notwithstanding the above precautions, VELFAC elements should be stored outside for a short period only.