VELFAC Direct Approved Joiners

We recommend the use of a VELFAC Direct Joiner to ensure the installation of the product is performed to the highest standard.

Our joiners form a vital part of our supply chain and as result, a strict selection criteria is applied in order to obtain the best services available. All joiners are put through the VELFAC Installation training program, which ensures that they can offer a 6 year warranty on their installation of VELFAC products.

For more info about the Installation Warranty, please read the document available here

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General installation service

It includes:

  • Correct installation of the products in accordance with VELFAC standards
  • Supply of materials for the installation, including standard fixings, standard VELFAC twist in lugs, perimeter seals in accordance with standard VELFAC tolerances.
  • Cleaning up of waste and debris
  • Sequential handover following installation

Additional installation services 

A package of additional services can be agreed with your joiner to suit the requirements and complexity of your window scheme. These may include: 

  • Survey of existing openings to ascertain and agree prepared structural opening dimensions (FOR DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS ONLY without the support of an architect/builder)
  • Supervision of offloading of deliveries (in agreement with your Approved Joiner)
  • Checking and reporting of transport damage & quantity discrepancies
  • Supply of complementary products (eg. Rooflights)
  • Removal of existing windows and doors
  • Building works and other additional services

The 6 years Installation Warranty covers the General Installation Services when these are done by an Approved Joiner. Any additional services and how they are delivered are not covered by the 6 year Installation Warranty and need to be agreed between the customer and the joiner.

Should you wish to install the windows yourself, basic instructions can be found in the Installation Guide, which should be used in conjunction with Typical Building Details.