We maintain a comprehensive certification programme to ensure our windows and doors meet current standards – and to guarantee excellent product performance.

Designer houses with minimal framed windows

Pas 24 tested, Part Q compliant and SBD accredited

VELFAC composite windows and doors guarantee the safety performance required to meet Part Q regulations, and the exacting standards of UK Police flagship initiative Secured by Design (SBD) – and all without any change to the distinctive ultra-thin frame design.

This means the VELFAC system can be used in SBD developments – regarded by potential purchasers as a guarantee of additional safety and security both in and outside the home.

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Q-Mark certification

Q-Mark is a product certification scheme for building and construction products and is regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes currently available. The Q-Mark gives specifiers reliable, independent evidence of test performance, and as a result provides confirmation that VELFAC products have been thoroughly tested and are manufactured to a consistently high standard.

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