Installation services

Window installation demands skill and expertise – not just to ensure a professional finish, but also to meet the challenges of time-critical schedules, complex builds or difficult locations.

VELFAC offers project-specific installation advice to ensure efficient installation, with our network of Approved VELFAC Installers (a vital part of our supply chain) providing installers work to VELFAC standards. We can advise on:

  • the best VELFAC installation strategy for your project, including innovative techniques
  • pragmatic strategies for delivery and storage
  • access to our national network of Approved Installers - by satisfying strict selection criteria, and undergoing VELFAC training
  • by using our Approved Installers we offer a six year installation warranty and a range of services designed to enable swift and efficient installation
  • a range of post-installation support services

If you are managing installation, we can directly liaise with your team to ensure essential deadlines are met, and that deliveries factor in project complexities, from multiple installation phases to compact inner city sites with limited access or storage options.

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