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Security door (door 6) - SBD compliant

VELFAC 500 - Security door (door 6) - SBD compliant


- The aluminium security door is an entrance door with additional security features designed to provide increased protection from intruders.
- Typical situations include main or side entrances to residential buildings.

- The door is made of thermally broken aluminium profiles and can be divided by one or more glazing bars, with the resulting apertures glazed or panelled in aluminium.
- The door can be installed as either single or double leafed and outward or inward opening.
- Available with 24mm double glazing.
- The door can be coupled with VELFAC windows to create glazed entrance screens for receptions or atria.


- 5-Point lock with claw bolts
- Two aluminium lever handles (internally and externally)
- One Europrofile cylinder, keyed external and keyed internal
- Security rosette to cylinder
- Slimline barrel hinges (natural anodised)
- Hinge security bolts
- 15mm special threshold

- As above plus:
- Rebated meeting style.
- Flushbolt at the slave leaf.

Alternative fittings

- Only available with the above mentionned fittings.


Under the terms of the test certification, we are unable to fit alternative components or options on doors accredited to PAS 24 for use on Secured-By-Design schemes without the prior written acceptance by the local Police Crime Prevention Officer.


Options & Accessories


Min./max. sizes and calculation of free opening rules


Glazing bar for VELFAC 500 Security Doors