VELFAC 200 Energy

The new VELFAC 200 ENERGY system is proven expertise. The new triple layer glazing solution combines unique insulation properties with strength and durability. And the new VELFAC 200 ENERGY profiles will maintain the clean, crisp sightlines that we are renowned for.

Being the third generation of VELFAC 200, the functionality within the new VELFAC 200 ENERGY windows are based on the same proven design as the original VELFAC 200 system launched in 1985. We know it works, we have optimized the design for 25 years, and this knowledege and experience has been used in our new enhanced system.

The combination of excellent insulating performance and slim frame means the VELFAC 200 ENERGY window can actually positively contribute to a building’s energy, by minimising heat loss and maximising free heat from the sun.