Bi-parting sliding door

At VELFAC we believe in light and air. And we believe in windows and doors that help bring about comfortable and beautiful buildings with a good indoor climate. For that reason, we have created a bi-parting sliding door that provides an extra wide opening.

Bi-parting sliding doors in white aluminium frame gives easy acces to air

Thanks to the unique construction there are no barriers to view, light or passage when both sashes are pushed to the sides. This gives you the full use of both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Making it simple

The sliding door only takes up very little space and is specially suited for narrow terraces and balconies where making the best use of space is a concern. The bi-parting sliding door follows the slim frame design concept of VELFAC, which ensures that the facade will appear as a visual whole even when the door is combined with windows of various opening systems.

As with all VELFAC products, the bi-parting sliding door is bespoke and tailored to meet the measurements of each individual project. Our largest bi-parting sliding door provides an opening of 2.6 meters that will enable easy passage and full usage of your home.


Download our brochure for private homeowners here.