VELFAC now offers a CPD presentation for architects and professionals that explains the concepts of energy balance and efficient window design.

The presentation lasts around 45 minutes and describes the basis of thermal performance of windows and the optimisation of controlled solar gains and glazing to harness solar energy and offset thermal losses.

The content briefly comprises of:

  • The basis of U-Value calculations of windows
  • Heat flow paths in window design
  • Measures to improve window U-values
  • Window and glass technologies
  • Optimising window frame designs and glazing configurations
  • Comparisons of performance
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Solar heat gains through glass
  • Efficient building design and window optimisation
  • Basic solar shading mechanisms
  • Installation and air permeability 


Please contact us on 01223 897100 to arrange a booking

In short

Target Group: Architects, Engineers, Building Professionals

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Practical: VELFAC will provide all relevant equipment and refreshments will be provided for more than 5 attendees.