Home for Life

With the Home for Life concept, VELFAC launches its own vision for the future within sustainable homes.

We consider it our responsibility to contribute to the development of new products and ways of building, and we believe, that the way forward is more than single-minded focus on insulation ability and reduction of the energy used for heating.  With our Homes for Life we want to explore the possibilities that come from developing energy efficient buildings of the future using a holistic perspective.  This is why we are testing our ideas in practice and developing real homes for real people.

"One test is worth more than 1000 expert assumptions." Villum Kann Rasmussen

Therefore we are building real houses and trying things in practice. The purpose is to develop new knowledge about energy efficiency, comfort and the aesthetics of homes in the future. These houses will therefore be tested by a real family for a period of one year to establish all the benefits and pitfalls of the design.

CO2 emissions will be reduced

Scientists have confirmed that in 40 minutes, there is enough solar energy on the earth’s surface to cover the world’s usage for a whole year; good information at a time when climate change develops faster than first expected. However, this requires that we are able to 'harvest' the sun – and on a much bigger scale - develop and make use of new technologies faster than ever before.

The way we build and live can make a large contribution to minimising our impact on the environment. Energy used in construction and the operation of buildings in the Western world makes up about 40% of the total energy use – energy that is primarily based on coal which results in high CO2 emissions. The challenge is to develop buildings of the future to optimise the use of solar energy and minimise CO2 emissions.