The energy consumed in the construction and operation of new homes constitutes approximately 40% of the total consumption of energy in the Western world. We therefore face major challenges in the construction of new homes as well as the renovation of existing properties if we are to significantly reduce our overall demand.

VKR holding, the parent company of VELFAC and VELUX has initiated the construction of 6 demonstration "active" houses, two of which have already been built in Denmark; Green Lighthouse in Copenhagen (Denmark's first public CO2 neutral building) and Home for Life in Aarhus. UK, Austria, Germany and France will follow in 2011.

VELFAC are partnering with its sister company VELUX in the supply of the facade windows on their CarbonLight Home 2020.

The philosophy of CarbonLight Homes is about using technology to create comfortable, sustainable living environments that improve the quality of life for the people within. The goal is for the homes to become a benchmark for future housing design that benefits both families and communities. By minimising energy usage and promoting respect for our environment, the homes help generate a sense of community and of responsibility.

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