VELFAC panels

VELFAC panels allow the creation of striking uniform facades, or facades with a special visual effect or function.

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Panels suitable for tall buildings and creates a stylish look to the building from the outside
Ventilated panel in aluminium
The ventilated panel consists of a frame and sash, which contains a non-vision panel board
 or opaque toughened glass externally, and a 9 mm plaster panel internally.
There is free ventilation between the two panels. The panel can be supplied with or without a separate internal backboard with vapour barrier, which can be specified with a veneer or paint finish.
The ventilated panel is also available as a fire panel which achieves Class EI60, for specific fire control situations, but is only available with Aluminum or Enamel glass
LOOK-ALIKE PANELS (shadow-box)Look-a-like panels works as a shadowbox
Panels incorporate clear or solar glass on the front of the double-glazed unit, and enamel glass at the back, can be supplied where a glass look-alike panel is required. These can be specified to allow insulation with a backboard or without should the detail require.



Rainscreen panel makes a complete facade

VELFAC Rainscreen panels offer architects the means of
 creating complete facades. Each panel comprises of a fully formed aluminum sheet mounted onto a VELFAC 200 frame, (although the aluminum panel can be supplied as a single item if a specific situation dictates).  This means that windows and panels can be coupled together to create entire facades.



NON-VENTILATED PANELNon-ventilated panel in Western Redwood Cedar
Panels incorporating Cedar or Rockpanel can be used to create facades with a distinct colour and texture. The construction consists of either a Rockpanel or a diffusion-open, waterproof plywood panel, cladded with Western Redwood Cedar slats which are glued and invisibly screwed to the plywood. Western Redwood Cedar is supplied untreated and naturally weathers over a period of time. 



Sandwich panel in a dark grey aluminium finish

The sandwich panel is formed by two aluminum or laminated
 board faces, bonded to a rigid insulation core.  Sandwich panels can also be used to fill the lower sections of doors.




LOUVRE PANELLouvre panel allows ventilation
A louvre can be used in a fixed VELFAC 200 System panel or an opening VELFAC 500 System door to allow ventilation to a room or space behind e.g. computer server rooms or refuse stores.  All louvres are supplied with flymesh.
The louvre is incorporated within a sash in a similar way to a double-glazed unit, maintaining the sightlines. VELFAC louvre panels can be specified in 3 different ways:
  1. without any internal boarding to allow permanent, open ventilation
  2. with a single piece of fibre cement board to allow machining for mechanical ventilation or ducting
  3. with a single piece of fibre cement board and a separate internal backboard with vapour barrier, which can be supplied with a veneer or paint finish. This allows the fitting of insulation and machining for mechanical ventilation or ducting.
The ventilated, non-ventilated and rainscreen panels can be supplied with a separate internal backboard, which can be specified with a veneer or paint finish. Each panel can also accommodate insulation which is sourced from another supplier and fitted during installation.