Velfacs vinduer i PVC

We use PVC in some of our products, including VELFAC 200, in which PVC, together with other plastics, constitutes 2.2 percent. PVC – also known as polyvinyl chloride – is produced using crude oil and sodium chloride (salt). 12 percent of all plastics produced is PVC, which is thus one of the most widely used plastic materials in the world. The construction industry is the main user of PVC, accounting for more than half of all consumption. PVC is known for its extreme durability and excellent insulating properties. It is also easy to handle and process.  

PVC is fully recyclable and can be remelted for the regeneration of raw materials that can be used in new products. In Denmark, the recycling of hard PVC has long been widespread. Approximately 75 percent of all hard PVC construction waste is recycled so as to manufacture, for example, pipes and other building materials.