Secured by design

Secure By Design

The Secured by Design test PAS 24 comprises of the methods listed below:

To replicate forced entry using a tool such as a screwdriver, a lever is used to try and prise open the window both at the locks and fittings. A ‘burglar’s tool kit’ is used by a professional expert to try and force entry in under three minutes.

An attempt is made to remove the glass pane externally - as VELFAC 200 windows are internally glazed, with an internal glazing bead, external removal is impossible.

A mechanical loading test is made using parallel and perpendicular loads to gain entry.

The following window types have passed the PAS 24 annex 3 tests (BS7950) and are third party certified Secured by Design:

  • VELFAC 201 Sidehung opening window - double and triple glazing
  • VELFAC 210 Fixed casement - double and triple glazing
  • VELFAC 212 Topguided window - double and triple glazing
  • VELFAC 231ES Energy (VELFAC casement door, when used in accessible locations) - triple glazing
  • VELFAC Ribo wood/aluminium Security Door

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