Noise reduction

Noise reduction solutions can be offered to reduce noise coming from the streets

Efficient glazing is fundamental to noise control. Double-glazing is effective at reducing external noise, but the use of thicker glass or different combinations of glass can significantly improve performance. More precise decibel control can also be achieved in this way.

Glazing is given an Rw rating indicating the number of decibels by which they will reduce apparent noise. A standard VELFAC double-glazed unit achieves Rw32,which can be increased to Rw41 by adjusting the thickness of the glass and the glazing rebate.

VELFAC can offer a number of different solutions for extreme environments - for example, close proximity to airports, motorways, or railway lines. Please call VELFAC for solutions to your specific noise reduction requirements.Safety, security and opaque glass can be combined with noise-reduction options.

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