Patio and sliding doors

To complement our windows, VELFAC make patio and sliding doors that are designed to capture more natural daylight than other traditionalstyle brands.

The patio door may be used as a direct exit or as o doorway to a balcony, for example from a living room or bedroom. The door can be divided by glazing bars or infill panels chosen to complement the overall building design.

The sliding door only takes up very little space and is specially suited for narrow terraces and balconies where making the best use of space is a concern. The bi-parting sliding door follows the slim frame design concept of VELFAC, which ensures that the facade will appear as a visual whole even when the door is combined with windows of various opening systems.

As with all VELFAC products, the patio and sliding doors are bespoke and tailored to meet the measurements of each individual project. Our largest bi-parting sliding door provides an opening of 2.6 meters that will enable easy passage and full usage of your home.

The VELFAC 200 patio or sliding doors can be coupled with all other VELFAC 200 window types.


Patio and sliding doors for modern houses

sliding doors velfac 200

VELFAC 200 patio and sliding doors
The modern VELFAC 200 patio- or sliding doors have a stylish and clean design that is suitable for modern houses. Available as VELFAC 200 with 2-layer glazing or VELFAC 200 ENERGY with 3-layer glazing.

VELFAC 200 patio and sliding doors